DIY label established 2005

Dead Wood

Plotting And Backstabbing


It seems Dead Wood has snapped out of his inverted ever repetative yawn coma, and returns here with some healthy abrasive noise. Very different from current works floating around, this is an 11 track episode of blazed scorched terror and blind mysticism. Slick mirrored glass packaging designed and assembled by Mr Adam Lewis-Jacob, comes in a thick black woven zip bag with insert. Heavy in every respect.


“ooh, left the speakers up too loud for the start of this one. eek. nice grainy noise. rain as noise, even. a wall of rainy noise which gets pierced by a triumphant high pitched tone, whereupon clouds open further and the fucking heavens open. valleys fill with water, and the rain stops only to leave surging rivers.
but anyway.
its lo-tech and lo-fi, or at least it sounds it; not that this is a bad thing - quite the opposite…its the way forward, people. there’s a great bit at the end of side a where, the ears perhaps starting to bore slightly, it opens out into a harsh stereo split and takes the skree up a gear. this is goodness.
side b opens with deceptive electro clicks and waves before - actually it occurs to me that these are the sounds of something loading… eh? - .....before it stumbles into a lurching rhythm churn. all spitting and spluttering. a fucked engine on its last legs. halfway thru, the stereo splittage trick is used again to good effect (i’m a sucker for this trick - what can i say?), building up to a ringing speaker-crackler. yummy. things are brought to a close by some kind of fight between a casio symphony and a submerged martial arts film. well, thats what i thot anyway…”

- Clive Henry (Little Creature)

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  • Dead Wood
  • Plotting And Backstabbing
  • Format: C20 Cassette (Red)
  • Limited Edition: 50
  • Time: 20:00
  • Cat No. DirtyC 001
  • Release Date: April 2011

Tracks and Audio Excerpts

  1. Take Off
    Hungry Ghost
  2. Diary Of Misfortune
    ” />
  3. I Don't Need Yr Permission
    Better Than Speaking
  4. Heavy Passenger
    ” />
  5. Grizzly Jigsaw
    S For Secret
    No Ticket