DIY label established 2005




He’s football crazy, he’s football mad. Yes he is, he really is. Dirty Demos proudly presents the debut EP by lager fueled football thugs Ladstorm. This south coast two piece assault all the body’s senses, leaving crowds bewildered while clenching the beer soaked vuvuzela that was just thrown at them. This two track disc sees the boys in true SCFV style, heavily laced with feedback, noise, riffs, drone, lout shout and of course plenty of Nelsons. Limited to 20 copies, comes in beer mat cases with red/yellow cards containing banter hand scrawled by the band. All wrapped up in 1977 England programmes and tied with a ref’s whistle.     

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  • Ladstorm
  • EP
  • Format: 3" CDR
  • Limited Edition: 20
  • Time: 14:20
  • Cat No. DirtyCDR 047
  • Release Date: February 2012

Tracks and Audio Excerpts

  1. Vindal 0)))
  2. Snatch of the Gray