DIY label established 2005



Picnic Plates!


We’re back, and this time we bring records made from picnic plates! Uh, seriously.

This is the debut release by the drone jammer duo Dead Wood / Phantom Heron Seas. A lo-fi number for sure, with the sound recorded in a shed, then lathe cut onto picnic plates, not vinyl. Thin flexible blue picnic plates, cut to 7” size. These have some hiss and surface noise, but that’s all part of the ride. Each was handmade in Olympia USA, and individually tested to make sure it plays correctly. Please note this is one sided and there is no digital download code, it’s intended to sound like a record made from a plate! 

Only 26 copies. Real sweet package. Jump on it! Check out the shop for more details.

And we still have copies of lathes from the previous batch and cassettes and junk.

Stay rad. X




Dirty Demos is a UK based experimental label, releasing limited edition 7” vinyl, cassette and CDR.


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