DIY label established 2005



Limited Lathe cut 7"es

On the surface it probably seems like Dirty Demos has scurried off into hibernation, but in fact behind the scenes it’s actually been busy times. There’s a new batch of releases ready now including 4 limited edition lathe 7"es by K-Conjog, Dead Wood, I before E and Andrew Perry / Dead Wood. I’m really stoked with how all these 7"es have turned out. The records were made by hand in Seattle USA, and some are limited to only 20 copies! Please head over to the shop for more information.
Also keep a look out in the new year for the brand new Dirty Demos website, along with some new sonic treats!

Thanks for yr support!




Dirty Demos is a UK based experimental label, releasing limited edition 7” vinyl, cassette and CDR.


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